Migrating to Android

Why you should be doing it now.


The speed of change has never been greater within the logistics industry than in recent years. Challenges have been faced with the introduction of new data protection laws and the resulting expectations of better security from customers. As has been discussed previously on this website, working from home and hybrid working have also become common-place and this has placed further pressure throughout industry to review mobile hardware and software capabilities.

As a software provider, at Clydebuilt we always look to be moving with the ever-changing advances of technology. Many of our customers have already successfully migrated from older Mobile devices to Android devices, and this is something that more and more companies are looking to do as the aforementioned external pressures make it a choice that they can no longer afford to delay.

Just one of the reasons for moving over to the new operating system is that Android has a dominant market share in the mobile market. This means that more employees and consumers are already familiar with Android devices, which can reduce training and support costs. It has become an industry standard, and is now the default installation for any new Clydebuilt sites, meaning our customers can benefit from adopting a platform that is widely used and supported.

As the market-leader, this also means that Android is available on a wider range of devices from various manufacturers, offering more options than you may currently have in terms of device types, features, and price points. This allows you to choose devices that align with your specific requirements, budget and user preferences. The availability of affordable Android devices is especially beneficial for companies, like many of our customers, that have a large-scale operation and require an increased number of devices for the workforce.

Of course, with the deployment of mobile devices in a workplace, there is increased worry with regards to security, device management and reliability. This is another reason that has led to Google, the company behind Android, dominating the market, as it has made significant improvements in these areas over the years. Android offers robust high-level security features, such as device encryption, application sandboxing, and, importantly in recent times, remote management capabilities. Even more advanced features are available with Android Enterprise, a set of tools for managing the devices.

The commitment to long-term installations is one we have always been proud of at Clydebuilt, as we look to collaborate with our customers and partners with the long-run in mind. The commitment of Google to Android for many years to come is a feature that fits with this ethos, and regular updates and support ensure the reliability of their devices is secure for the future. This is a crucial aspect of why companies who rely on such devices should have confidence in migrating their operations to Android.

Migrating from your existing hardware to Android will involve several considerations and steps, and these will depend on your specific needs and the complexities of your environment. However, at Clydebuilt we are well aware of these factors and no matter the number of devices, your existing software dependencies, or user training needs, we can guide you through the process and get you up and running with the latest devices for your Warehouse Management System. We can make the process pain-free and smooth, allowing users to be up and running with the new system as quickly as you need them to be.

To find out more about how you can upgrade from your existing mobile devices that run alongside our LocateIT software, or if you are looking at installing a fresh WMS, why not talk to us over the phone, or send us a message via this portal. We are happy to discuss all requirements and we will be here to guide you through what is an essential forward-looking step to ensure your company continues to prosper and evolve.

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