Providing Complete Warehouse Management Functionality

LocateIT is a comprehensive Warehouse Management System that is both modular and scaleable depending on the needs of the needs of the customer. Designed to improve efficiencies within all warehousing environments, as a WMS it helps logistics and manufacturing companies remain competitive in today’s demanding markets. By utilising LocateIT you can respond to customer demands quickly and accurately, controlling costs and adding value to your bottom line.

Within 3PL environments, LocateIT enables you to delight each of your clients by personalising your service to them. Integrated Barcode Scanning and Communication tools make you an integrated part of their business, providing visibility, predictability, accuracy and confidence. With workflow optimisation and production of relevant documentation when required, the benefits and reward of this WMS happen as projected.

LocateIT can offer a genuine advantage to manufacturers – increasing a return on capital employed while reducing the working capital required. Allowing you to interface the WMS with your manufacturing system you will get a genuine best-of-breed result that actually works. Unexpected stockouts need not interfere with production and accidental over-purchasing will never affect the cash flow.

“LocateIT is delivering accuracy, visibility and planning into our physical inventory.”