Barcode Scanning Processes

Promising extreme benefits in both accuracy and productivity within the warehouse

Barcode scanning running alongside the LocateIT Warehouse Management System removes the need for manual data entry, creating a paperless warehouse and typically reducing operations costs by between 25 and 40 per cent. In-built error-cause removal technology means that clients can boast stock accuracies of 99.998%, tracking stock from the initial receipt, through its time in store to the point of despatch from the warehouse.

For function flexibility, we have designed our own cutting-edge, browser-based, mobile processes, for both Windows and Android handheld devices. These are less restrictive to each user and highly configurable to meet each specific requirement from one standard system, allowing communication not only with LocateIT but with the Haulier Transport Management System and your customers’ own systems.

Example menu options are:

  • Goods In
  • Put Away
  • Move
  • Pick
  • Pick to Pack
  • Marshalling
  • Trailer Loading
  • Despatch Confirmation
  • Pick Face Replenishment
  • Stock Check