Introducing Android Barcode Scanning For Your Warehouse

New Android scanning capabilities for your LocateIT WMS


Six different styles of Android scanning device sitting alongside each other with a warehouse in the background.

Introducing Android Barcode Scanning for Your Warehouse

At Clydebuilt Business Solutions we pride ourselves on always looking to fully commit to any projects we undertake and do things properly. We will never release a product prematurely, ahead of it being ready, and our customers will only ever receive software when we are convinced that it meets both ours and their own high standards.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce that we have reached a further milestone in our product development, one that we have been actively working on for quite a while now in a bid to reach the levels that we constantly strive for. For many years our partners and their clients have used our Barcode Scanning Processes alongside the LocateIT WMS with a variety of different Operating Systems and devices. Most recently they have been using Windows Mobile and CE devices with the very highest degree of customer satisfaction consistently reported, helped by stock accuracies of up to 99.998% and the complete removal of manual data entry.

However, as with all industries, Logistics must move with the times and with Microsoft no longer actively supporting these Operating Systems, meaning that there will no longer be updates, fixes and security patches, we have been actively working on the next generation of our acclaimed scanning software. While we, as a service provider, will still provide support and updates for our existing client base for the products they have with us, we are now offering the opportunity to switch to a new platform, offering the ability to future proof your business, and seamlessly upgrade your system as the new and the old can be fully integrated to provide a more gradual change.

What we are talking about here is the chance to switch to our newest Android devices, a product that is already fully functioning in some of our customers’ UK Warehouses as you read this. Android is currently used by billions of people across the globe, on smartphones, tablets and many other mobile devices, it is the operating system that the majority of warehouse operatives will be most familiar with already; this makes it the obvious choice to install in your facility, given the lower cost of training that will be involved, not to mention its more modern and advanced capabilities.

This ease of use and familiarity will not only lead to a stress-free transition, but it will enhance productivity, while the wider range of available devices will allow you to tailor your hardware purchases to meet the particular requirements of your users. And it will also allow for a more secure warehouse environment, with regular updates and security patches that will be missed with the discontinuation of Microsoft’s support of the existing Windows Mobile devices.

As was previously mentioned, the changeover to Android need not be a headache, the processes are capable of running alongside our existing products, and if it’s a brand-new installation then our comprehensive training will have you up and running in no time. If you already have our scanning software then you should be able to adapt to the new processes in an instant, and you will notice that all the same familiar items are available and the menus will list the expected ‘Goods In’, ‘Put Away’, ‘Move’, ‘Pick’, etc, etc.

We feel that this is a step forward that all our customers, both existing and new, should be looking to make, and Clydebuilt will support you fully as you do. The new scanning software will not only allow you to carry on from where you are, with minimal disruption, but it will greatly benefit your warehouse and staff both immediately and in the future. So, should you wish to find out more about this exciting new product, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0141 847 1920 or contact us via email here.

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