Times have changed, of that there can be no doubt, and working from home, flexible hybrid arrangements, and remote connectivity are all now commonplace. All industries have had to change how they work and never has a reliable warehouse management system been more essential than it is now.

Trade journals and websites have been publishing stories of Logistics companies showcasing their new successful software installations for many years now. You need only look at our own case studies for some fine examples. However, it is fair to say that not all in logistics are using appropriate software solutions, even today, with some preferring the “old methods” and having a particular view point of not wanting to rely on computer systems as “they could fail”.

It is no surprise that as more advanced technologies are becoming available, the use of the WMS has become standard practice and it is really past the time for everyone to make the move and not be left in the dark.

All WMS vendors make bold statements regarding “improved efficiencies”, “reduced costs”, and “an increase to your bottom line”. Clydebuilt Business Solutions are no different in making these claims, and in this series of blogs, we will look at this and assess just how much benefit might be gained from software implementation and how it can help you adapt to the “new” world we now inhabit.

There are many benefits that can be detailed, but three major positives can be summarised as:

  • Being able to differentiate yourself from competitors by taking the initiative in presenting the latest opportunities in technology to your customer, rather than have them imposing it upon you. Having a seamless, and hassle-free, link between systems will solidify your customer relationships and make them more inclined to stay aboard for the long-term.
  • You have the opportunity to achieve greater logistical productivity, and flexibility, by enabling your existing resources, particularly personnel, to handle greater throughput, while also allowing the level of output to meet the desired levels not only in traditional ways, but also remotely, from anywhere, and on the move!
  • The third major benefit is that by installing such a system you are staying ahead of the game and putting yourself in the position where you can offer attractive services to potential new added value customers. If you don’t install, the fear is that others will, and once you are behind you will find it even harder to catch up.

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