Smart Warehousing

Modernising Your Operation

PUBLISHED 28 October 2022

Smart Warehousing

Previous blogs have discussed the need for a Warehouse Management System and the points to consider when selecting that WMS. In between these discussions we also introduced our new Android Barcode Scanning system that aims to help in modernising your operation.

These articles can point you in the right direction in terms of implementing an up-to-date, modern, efficient warehouse, and that is something we will look at today: how you can bring all these things together to provide exactly what YOU require.

Talk of smart warehouses has been big in recent times, particularly as the last few years have seen a change in the way we all work, and a change in the demands that businesses face in all industries, not just logistics. However, with the rise of online working and shopping, and an “everything now” culture, speed and regular order updates have never been more important.

This is where using the latest technology comes in and the ability to be at the forefront of the industry, keeping ahead of the competition by implementing a streamlined and more efficient operation. There are several key steps, most of which we have covered already, and if you follow these your warehouse will be well on the way to becoming the best version of itself.

  1. The number one priority for being “smarter” has to be implementing a Warehouse Management System. This will help increase your stock accuracy and consolidate all your data into one location, showing all your working, providing instantly accessible reports and helping you to plan ahead for the days, weeks, month, and even years, to come.
  1. On top of the WMS, you will then want to add a barcode scanning solution, offering real-time updates to the placement and removal of stock in the system, increasing efficiency and helping ensure an accurate inventory. Not only will this help the system run more smoothly but the savings in time will ultimately lead to a happier and more productive workforce.
  1. With a scanning solution running alongside a WMS, there should be “a place for everything and everything in its place”, as Benjamin Franklin is reported to have once said. You can use reporting to rank the items that are picked the most and the locations that are visited the most to put in place pickfaces to optimise picking operations.
  1. Working alongside the barcoding and WMS, your warehouse will benefit from the addition of automated processes, further increasing efficiencies and future-proofing your operations. The scanning tools are an essential part of this, suggesting locations and picking paths, making picking faster, more accurate, and reducing human error. Communication modules can then update integrations and keep customers and suppliers informed of progress, and completed operations, with minimal user interaction.
  1. A good Warehouse Management System and associated processes will allow your warehouse to develop and grow, evolving with the technology. A supplier who can work with your staff, and allow you to work together with your customers – current and prospective – in order to evolve and be more efficient and productive is a key element in developing and maintaining that “smart” warehouse.

The technologies we provide at Clydebuilt Business Solutions can certainly help you meet the steps and requirements set out in this short guide. If you wish to find out how Clydebuilt can help you fulfil your ambitions for a smart warehouse, you can send us a message, or give us a call on our usual phone number, as found here.

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