Two forklifts unloading a Meachers branded curtain-side trailer at the back of a truck.

“Having worked with the system for some time, we would really struggle without it now. I seriously believe LocateIT has been instrumental in customer acquisition and in retaining contracts.”

Jerry Cook, Meachers Global Logistics

Racking in a Meachers Global Logistics warehouse.

Meachers Global Logistics have used the LocateIT Warehouse Management System to attract many new, and long-lasting, customers since we joined forces. The introduction of the WMS, together with Barcode Scanning and Communication links, has enabled Meachers to offer much more to their clients, leveraging their existing warehouse staff and investment.

High piles of containers and trucks at Southampton Container Terminals.

LocateIT gives Meachers all of the “bells and whistles” that they didn’t have previously, and contains a wealth of valuable business data that was not able to be stored beforehand, including Lot and Batch numbers and shelf-life remaining. Different option parameters can be set-up for each of their customers giving a level of flexibility that allows each account to benefit from a unique, personalised service.

Containers on a transport ship moving out to sea.

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