LocateIT at Husqvarna UK

“The smooth addition of LocateIT into our business systems is delivering accuracy, visibility and planning into our physical inventory. It is enabling us to grow and be efficient at the same time.”

Husqvarna UK chose the LocateIT Warehouse Management System to support operations as it was seen to be a cost-effective solution with the flexibility to work over multiple sites. The WMS is integrated with Husqvarna’s existing internal business systems and the Clydebuilt team worked closely to with Husqvarna’s IT team to develop messages supporting both the end user’s need for information and the needs of the system processes.

The tight links allow a “best-of-breed” approach, with order management being handled by the existing internal business systems and the physical inventory being managed in LocateIT. Further initiatives have been undertaken with opportunities for efficiencies being realised via both the partnerships between Husqvarna and Clydebuilt as well as Husqvarna’s business systems and LocateIT.