The Presentation


Three people sitting around a laptop having a discussion.

The Presentation

You may have initial thoughts on your preferred Warehouse Management System based on the information already gleaned through the marketing materials, visit to your site, discussions with peers and perhaps a visit to the suppliers’ client sites. The next stage is to allow your chosen vendors to do a presentation to the team (something that can be arranged with us from this page). If your company already have the capital expenditure budget approved, then the purpose of the presentations from selected providers is to market their company and sell their solution into your business.

You may, however, be in the position where staff on the ground are aware of the need for a new system but management haven’t yet approved a budget, and in this scenario an additional purpose of the process is for the vendors to justify the costs by demonstrating how the investment will provide a Return on Investment and bring real business benefits, especially on your bottom line.

Good vendors will seek to demonstrate “real-life” scenarios to you based on situations that may occur within your warehouse. Sample data from you will be uploaded on to their system and the transactions carried out, showing the end result. The presentation will also give your potential supplier the opportunity to demonstrate how they plan to work with your other stakeholders to create any communication links that are required to connect the systems, where applicable.

All cards should now be on the table and if there are any unresolved questions or issues then this is an opportunity to ask further and ensure that you are 100% comfortable with the offering presented to you.

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